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Bhusawal, also spelt as Bhusaval, is a city located in India and a municipal council in Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra, India. Bhusawal is the second biggest town of Jalgaon district, and situated on National Highway 6. Bhusawal is located at 21 Degree 02'50.56?N 75 Degree 47'15.99?E. It has an average elevation of 209 metres (685 feet).

Bhusawal is located on the bank of Tapi river. The Tapi is a river in central India. The Tapti river is between the Satpura Range and the Ajanta Hills of the Deccan plateau river. It is one of the major rivers (only the Tapti River along with the Narmada river, and the Mahi River run from east to west) of peninsular India with a length of around 724 kilometres (450 mi).The total population of Bhusawal is 187,421 as of the 2011 census, with the male population at 96,147 people and the female population at 91,274. The literacy rate of Bhusawal is 88.38 percent; the literacy rate for men was compared with 84.87 percent for women in Bhusawal.

Hinduism is the main religion at 64.06 percent, followed by Muslims (24.40 percent) and Buddhists (8.79 percent).Bhusawal is also famous for its banana cultivation. Traders from various parts of the country come to Bhusawal to buy raw bananas. Bananas are exported to different countries across the world. Bhusawal is also known for its special white brinjals that are grown locally in the nearby areas.