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Amalner is a city and a municipal council in Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra, India, situated on the bank of the Bori River. Amalner is the birthplace of the Wipro company, which started business by producing vanaspati ghee from sunflower seeds there. Amalner is a tehsil in Jalgaon district. Prominent villages under Amalner's administration include Sarbete, Chaubari, Shirsale, Chandani kurhe, Nagaon BK, Eklahare, Pimpali, Dahiwad, Amalgaon, Gandhali, Pilode Mehergaon, Javkhede, Palasdale, Vavade, Patonde and Mangrul. Amalner falls on the Western Railway between Surat and Bhusawal. Amalner is well connected to the Central Railway through Jalgaon / Bhusaval as well as the Western through Surat.Amalner has a historical importance in the fields of education, industrialisation and independence movements. It is host to one of the oldest philosophical centres in India, the Pratap Tatwadnyan Mandir, formerly the Indian Institute of Philosophy.

Pandurang Sadashiv Sane, popularly known as Sane Guruji, was one of the famous teachers at Pratap high school. He fought for the independence of India, was a teacher, poet and writer, and wrote many books, including Shyamchi Aai and Bhartiya Sanskriti. In 1945, Azim Premji's father started the first dalda factory at Amalner, which is now known as a mother plant of the giant Wipro company. Amalner city is still densely populated with Wipro shareholders. Azim Premji visited Amalner's Wipro plant on 12 February 2013, to address the employees of the company.

There is a historical gate for the entrance in Amalner called "DAGDI DARWAJA". The history of the name of Amalner is interesting and provides some important information. In 11th century Rishi Ambarishi prayed to the god Varun (the god of rain). Varun then built the temple of the god Shiv, called "Varuneshwar", which became famous in the area. Amabarishi then named the village Amalnir, which means "the village with pure water" or "where there is no mal (impurity) in water is Amalnir". Over time, the name changed to Amalner. The hill close to Amalner is called "Ambarishi Tekdi" where there is Yatra in every monsoon. It is said that Ambarishi fulfills wishes of all who pray. Apart from varuneshwar, there are two more shiv temples famous in Amalner, named Khaleshwar and Khateshwar Mahadev mandir, which is on the bank of the Bori River.

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